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Basic Income Ireland is the Irish affiliate of the Basic Income Earth Network. We envisage an Ireland where every child, woman and man has an unconditional guaranteed Basic Income sufficient to live life with dignity.

Social Justice Ireland subscribes to the values of both human dignity and the centrality of the community. The person is seen as growing and developing in a context that includes other people and the environment. Justice is understood in terms of right relationships. We understand justice in the Biblical tradition as a harmony that comes from fidelity to right relationships with God, people, institutions and the environment. A just society is one that is structured in such a way as to promote these right relationships so that human rights are respected, human dignity is protected, human development is facilitated and the environment is respected and protected.

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Activists from Basic Income UK got together in London february 10th for our first-ever meetup! The event was organised via our official Facebook group and was held at the new Crossroads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town, London.

The Citizen’s Income Trust promotes debate on the desirability and feasibility of a Citizen’s Income by publishing a newsletter and other publications, maintaining this website, maintaining a library of resources, and responding to requests for information.

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