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Several basic income networks and community organisations in Europe have decided to progress the development of a more social Europe. An unconditional basic income, an addition to other necessary political measures, is an important step in this direction.

As a strategical step to bring attention and gather forces for an unconditional basic income, a european citizen’s initiative has been launch. The objective of the initiative is to collect more than one million signatures, thus triggering a European-wide campaign for basic income in more than 17 countries of the EU (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, UK, Portugal, Hungary, Romania).

If we succeed, the EU commission will be mandated to study seriously the idea of basic income, and examine how to implement the idea in the European Union.

The initiative was prepared by a group of citizens from different political perspectives and social background, but we all support actively basic income and are dedicated to make the debate grow in Europe. Though several of us are individually active in political/activist organization, we are not affiliated to any specific organization — and even less to a political party. All our activities are based on volunteering — we run on a budget lower than 2,000 euros.

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