European Citizens' Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income
European Citizens' Initiative
for an Unconditional Basic Income

Stand up for Basic Income as a Human Right
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The initiative was prepared by a group of citizens from different political perspectives and social background, but we all support actively basic income and are dedicated to make the debate grow in Europe. Though several of us are individually active in political/activist organization, we are not affiliated to any specific organization — and even less to a political party. All our activities are based on volunteering — we run on a budget lower than 2,000 euros.

We are citizens before all! If you want to know more about us, you may consult our personal bios below
  Klaus Sambor, since 2004 coordinator at Attac Austria for unconditional Basic Income. Member of “Round Table Basic Income – Austria”, “Network Basic Income and Social Cohesion, BIEN Austria” and Board Member “Initiative Civil Society”.
  Ronald Blaschke, author, researcher, and member of the board of the German network for unconditional basic income in Germany. He is the co-organizer of the European Citizen’s initiative on basic income. Also author of the book “From the idea of basic income to the political movement in Europe” (pdf).
  Stanislas Jourdan, 24, is a French journalist, editor in chief of and Basic Income activist. He contributed in building the French movement for Basic Income and is now helping grass-root online activism and teaching web journalism to non-profits organizations around Europe.
  Sepp Kusstatscher, age 66, is an Italian politician (Green) and former Member of the European Parliament.
  Adriaan Planken (also our treasury manager) age 67, is a Dutch citizen, anthroposophically orientated, former gynaecologist, married, 2 sons. We have lived and practiced for 6 years in Germany. Since november 2011 chairman of the “Vereniging Basisinkomen” (association for promoting Basic Income in Netherlands – affiliated to BIEN). Since july 2012 member of the European Citizens’ Initiative on UBI.
  Robin Ketelaars, age 55. Living in the north of the Netherlands (Drenthe). For many years member of the Dutch society for Basic Income (Vereniging Basisinkomen). Since 2009 webmaster of, in charge of administrating this current website. Also administrator of the online collection system for our initiative.
  Olympios Raptis, 34, born in Athens, bachelor’s degree in international and European relationships, European public policy and in international finance. Since 2004, he is based in Brussels analysing and contributing to the development of several policies of the EU. In 2012 he stood as a candidate in national elections for a political party advocating in favor of adoption of a guaranteed basic national pension for all Greek citizens above the age of 65.
  Carole Fabre, 46, French, living in Toulouse. Basic Income activist since 2009 and member of the French Movement for Basic Income — with we first called it “Life Income”. Works as consultant trainer in social web. Member of the French Pirate Party. The Unconditional Basic Income is the first positive idea of the XXI century, so, go go go ! :)
  Karsten Lieberkind is a philosopher and Indologist (Sanskrit and Pali) and, in his own words, a part-time pianist and a full-time health fanatic with a passion for race cycling, mountainbiking, hiking and everything outdoors. He is also an advocate of and follower of the deep ecology movement. In the basic income context, he is a board member of BIEN Danmark and coordinator for the european initiative in Denmark.
  Christina Lambrecht, age 58 live in Belgium, have Flemish and German roots and my family in law is French speaking… so I do have the perfect “Belgian profile”… Retired. Former guide, translator, interpreter. Languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Public Relations in several compagnies. Life experiences in Africa, Germany, United-States, Russia, Belgium. Two daughters and four grand-children.
  Alex Hornung, 47, is a Luxembourgish citizen of German and Slovene origins, studied economics in Belgium, lived in Switzerland for 4 years. Works in the treasury department of a Luxembourg Bank. Has two daughters, aged 11 and 9. Co-Initiator of the Luxembourgish Basic Income group in 2009
  Aline Goethals, 30, from Brussels. She’s taking part in the Belgian campaign for this ECI as one of the initiators of the Belgian Network for Basic Income. Active in several grassroots associations. Currently working on a project which aims to promote democratic innovation in practice. Her interest for UBI and real democracy comes from the conviction of equal capacity of all and the need of social justice for all.
  Lars Thomsen Mikkelsen, is a civil engineer. He has been working with natural health and makes biodynamic vegetable. He has 4 children. He is against genetic food and food with poisons. Against the higher principles in EU: competitive society, which is the opposite to brotherhood. Looking forward to a society with respect and love.
  Anka Paggen, 44, German, mother of 3 girls, current living in the Netherlands.
Member of the Aachen intiativ Basicincome and Krönungswelle. In the past member of the campaign group of the Dutch society for Basic Income. A basic income activist like many others in Germany, helping Basic income becoming a reality.
  Pierre-Yves Ryckaert, 26, from Belgium, Basic Income activist and one of the initiators of the Belgian Network for Basic Income. Active in several associations to promote social, economic & participatory democracy alternatives. works in sound engineering and following academic certificate at Louvain university in economic and social ethics.
  Roberto Merill is a researcher in political theory at the Centre for Humanistic Studies, University of Minho (Portugal) and Associate Researcher at CEVIPOF (Sciences Po-Paris). His research interests include the relationship between art and morality, applied ethics, liberal neutrality and value pluralism, left-libertarianism, egalitarian theories of justice and its applications. He is currently writing a book on love and equality and another one on basic income.
  Martin Jordö, 39, is a Swedish entrepreneur and marketing director. As the Swedish coordinator for this initiative he works through the platforms and
Martin is from Göteborg and is passionate about fostering creativity and letting people be free to follow their desires. He believes that by small changes to the economic structure we can bring about big changes in our culture.
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